Half way to a year.

What can I say.  Keira seems huge to me now and she isn’t quite yet finished growing.  She is now 25 weeks old (confession:  I had to look on the calendar to confirm because I lost count).  I should probably start counting by months to make it a bit easier, since “6 months” is far easier to fathom than “25 weeks”.

So that is where we are.  A wonderful, lively, sometimes challenging 6 months full of non-stop unconditional love.

Now that potty training is less of an issue, the kids actually want to help out more, though I’m still not totally comfortable when they take her out for walks or potty breaks. When she sees anything enticing – a person, another dog, a bird, a plastic bag – she doesn’t think twice before going after it.  Needless to say, leash training has been ongoing, which will take time to iron out.  And lots and lots of patience, probably more than raising all three kids combined.

I do think we are past the teething stage, which caused her left ear to curl up like a little chimichanga, which is what I call her sometimes.  My Little Chimichanga.


Googling it told me it was caused by teething, but who knows.