Apparently I can’t count.

So all along I have been counting the weeks incorrectly.  I made Keira one week older than she actually is.  In people years it makes no difference, but in dog years it definitely does, especially when comparing Keira’s seemingly tiny, squishy size on her homecoming day to how huge she seems today.

We started puppy kindergarten last week and socialization is well under way.  I feel as though I am now part of the Society of Dog People.  Friends have come out of the woodwork to invite us for puppy playdates.  Our perceived likability has gone up a few notches, so it seems.

Even the first couple of weeks with Keira were a slight challenge, it seems we have eased into a routine that works.  We probably sleep a little less, maybe nap a little more, rush home a little faster when we are away, and turn down social invitations.  All for this new addition to our family who has sniffed her way into all of our hearts, even that of the older Teenager, who apparently is now over the nose-biting incident.


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